Does Freedom of Speech Include Fascists?

Glaberman, Martin (published under pseudonym Martin Harvey)

Publisher:  New International
Date Written:  08/11/1945
First Published:  1945
Pages:  4pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23828

There are two concepts on how to deal with fascism. One is fighting; the other is running away.



It is this that is at the root of the matter. The “democratic” authorities nurture and protect the fascists. They extend to them all their “rights” and more. Both are responsible, in the last analysis, to the same master, finance capital. When the need exists, one is retired and the other pushed to the fore. Capitalist democracy and fascism are both forms of political rule for the capitalist class. This, too, was demonstrated in the anti-Smith demonstrations. What were the police doing at the Detroit meeting? Protecting the fascists. Smith himself had a huge bodyguard of cops on the platform. For the workers outside, however, there were prepared riot squads, mounted police, tear gas. Smith was fully conscious of the role of the police. He addressed them specifically during his speech: “When you see that scum outside and these citizens here in this hall, you know where your interests lie.”

Fascism feeds on capitalist democracy in crisis. It is because the people, and most especially the middle class, can see no way out of the crisis that they begin to turn to fascism. There is only one answer to fascism. Strike at the movement itself, but equally important, strike at the roots – rotting, decaying capitalism. Until the system that breeds wars, unemployment, mass misery is overthrown and a socialist society of peace and plenty is put in its place, there will be no peace with fascism.
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