What kind of rebellion will save humanity from extinction?
The real power of mass civil disobedience is not its ability to shock the powerful into listening, but rather its potential to draw masses o

Henman, Pip

Publisher:  Climate and Capitalism
Date Written:  02/08/2019
Year Published:  2019  
Resource Type:  Unclassified
Cx Number:  CX23812

Despite overwhelming evidence that the world has already passed certain tipping points, setting off large and unpredictable changes in the climate, why are governments still refusing to act on the scale and pace required?



The fossil fuel age is tied up with capitalism and class rule. With the clock ticking, climate activists need to interrogate how we got to this stage and work out the next steps. To do that effectively we need to understand class politics.

We also need to understand the power that large numbers of people, organized in a sustained way, have to force change. History shows this is the way to challenge fossil-fuel capitalism in what has become a fight for survival.
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