Are Israel's spies stealing your data?

Barnett, Katherine
Date Written:  2019-08-05
Publisher:  Electronic Intifada
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23770

Many Israeli spies go into careers in surveillance software bringing techniques that are used to violate the privacy of Palestinians into everyday commercial software.



Two cyber warfare and data collection companies that have recently been put under scrutiny were founded by graduates of the Israeli military’s Unit 8200, a high-tech spy branch responsible for the training of some of the country’s top technology experts and leading cyberwarfare efforts.

Israeli tech company Onavo, owned by Facebook, and Israeli cyber warfare company NSO Group were both founded by unit veterans.

This demonstrates how expertise developed in the unit can and has been used to create commercial tech platforms that put consumer security at risk....

Unit 8200 veterans are dominating Israel’s technological scene. Technology is key to Israel’s economy and has enjoyed fast growth in recent times.

Former unit soldiers have gone on to found notable tech companies, including Palo Alto Networks and Check Point Software Technologies. These companies specialize in areas of security such as surveillance, voice recording and cybersecurity.
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