New York Times Admits it Sent Story to Government for Approval
The American paper of record just provided a major example of the symbiotic relationship between U.S. corporate media and the government

Norton, Ben

Publisher:  Consortium News
Date Written:  25/06/2019
Year Published:  2019  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23742

The NY Times' seeking approval for a recent story is part of a history of the mainstream media's collaboration with the US government.




On June 15, the Times reported that the U.S. government is escalating its cyber attacks on Russia's power grid. According to the article, "the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively," as part of a larger "digital Cold War between Washington and Moscow."

In response to the report, President Donald Trump attacked the Times on Twitter, calling the article "a virtual act of Treason."

The New York Times’ PR office replied to Trump from its official Twitter account, defending the story and noting that it had, in fact, been cleared with the U.S. government before being printed....

Indeed, the Times report on the escalating American cyberattacks against Russia is attributed to "current and former [US] government officials." The scoop in fact came from these apparatchiks, not from a leak or the dogged investigation of an intrepid reporter....

In fact, some prominent American pundits have gone so far as to insist that this symbiotic relationship is precisely what makes someone a journalist.
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