The Western Media is Key to Syria Deceptions

Cook, Jonathan
Date Written:  2019-05-29
Publisher:  CounterPunch
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23694

An analysis of why western media has failed to practice any scepticism regarding claims that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons.



By any reckoning, the claim made this week by al-Qaeda-linked fighters that they were targeted with chemical weapons by the Syrian government in Idlib province -- their final holdout in Syria -- should have been treated by the western media with a high degree of scepticism....

These latest claims arrive just as we have learnt that the last supposed major chemical attack -- which took place in April 2018 and was, as ever, blamed by all western sources on Syria's president, Bashar Assad -- was very possibly staged, a false-flag operation by those very al-Qaeda groups now claiming the Syrian government has attacked them once again....

We now know both that the US attacked Syria on entirely bogus grounds, and that the OPCW -- one of the international community's most respected and authoritative bodies -- has been caught redhanded in an outrageous deception with grave geopolitical implications.
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