Local fishermen: caught between the pros and cons of traceability

Villadiego, Laura

Publisher:  Equal Times
Date Written:  15/03/2019
Year Published:  2019  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23564

Consumers concerned about the environmental impact of fishing are demanding more transparency and accountablity from the industry. Ironically, the resulting regulations are prohibitive to the small scale fishermen that are the most sustainable part of the industry.




Consumers around the world are increasingly asking the fishing industry for more information about the source of the fish they eat, after years of scandals exposing the use of slave labour and the overexploitation of fish stocks....

But adapting to changing international markets is no easy task for Albasi, with his small traditional boat in which the three or four fishermen who go out to sea with him for 10 days – or even two weeks – have to huddle together to avoid falling overboard....

The technology allows data to be recorded on where each fish is caught at the very moment it is caught and to be sent directly to an electronic system that buyers should then be able to access. But it relies on complex services, generally provided by private companies supporting this data collection process, which can cost hundreds of dollars a month in subscription charges, too high a price for fishers like Albasi, who earn as little as 15,000 pesos a month (around €250 or US$287).

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