Alice Walker's Conspiracy Theories Aren't Just Anti-Semitic - They're Anti-Black

Pierce, Rebecca
Date Written:  2018-12-19
Publisher:  The Forward
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23546

White supremacy relies on different stereotypes of Black and Jewish people. Alice Walker's adoption of anti-semitic conspiracy theories points to the need for solidarity between the Black and Jewish communities - which are not mutually exclusive.



Walker's endorsement of Icke is especially disappointing because it does so much to undermine her own good work.

The anti-Jewish tropes found in Icke's writings are steeped in the ideology of white supremacy and white power, which casts Jews as simultaneously a perennial social other, a communist scourge and somehow in control of world banking, politics and media....

These conspiracy theories are in fact a critical point where Black and Jewish struggles are deeply linked, and are just one modern manifestation of the way that European Christian supremacist exclusion and hatred of Jewish people was deeply influential on colonialism, the racist eugenics movement and the white nationalist resurgence of the Trump era.

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