US Media Ignore -- and Applaud -- Economic War on Venezuela

Shupak, Gregory

Publisher:  FAIR
Date Written:  06/02/2019
Year Published:  2019  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23520

US reporting on Venezuela fails to mention the effect economic sanctions have in Venezuela defying the work of experts in the area.



The US media chorus supporting a US overthrow of the Venezuelan government has for years pointed to the country’s economic crisis as a justification for regime change, while whitewashing the ways in which the US has strangled the Venezuelan economy....

Alfred de Zayas, the first UN special rapporteur to visit Venezuela in 21 years, told the Independent that US, Canadian and European Union "economic warfare" has killed Venezuelans, noting that the sanctions fall most heavily on the poorest people and demonstrably cause death through food and medicine shortages, lead to violations of human rights and are aimed at coercing economic change in a "sister democracy."

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