Britain's Witchfinders are Ready to Burn Jeremy Corbyn

Cook, Jonathan
Date Written:  2019-03-01
Publisher:  Counterpunch
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23503

The suspension of MP Chris Williamson for alleged anti-semitism is part of a smear campaign against Corbyn. It is also a by-product of all criticism of Israel being labelled anti-semitism.



[Chris] Williamson, it should be noted, is widely seen as a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn, a democratic socialist who was propelled unexpectedly into the Labour leadership nearly four years ago by its members. His elevation infuriated most of the party’s MPs, who hanker for the return of the New Labour era under Tony Blair, when the party firmly occupied the political centre.

Corbyn's success has also outraged vocal supporters of Israel both in the Labour party - some 80 MPs are stalwart members of Labour Friends of Israel - and in the UK media. Corbyn is the first British party leader in sight of power to prefer the Palestinians' right to justice over Israel’s continuing oppression of the Palestinians.

For these reasons, the Blairite MPs have been trying to oust Corbyn any way they can. First through a failed re-run of the leadership contest and then by assisting the corporate media - which is equally opposed to Corbyn - in smearing him variously as a shambles, a misogynist, a sympathiser with terrorists, a Russian asset, and finally as an "enabler" of anti-semitism.

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