The Nova Scotia Worker

Publisher:  Nova Scotia Federation of Labour
Year Published:  1981  
Pages:  8pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2346

A number of issues related to unorganized workers appear in this issue of the Nova Scotia Worker.

Abstract:  A number of issues related to unorganized workers appear in this issue of the Nova Scotia Worker.

As a result of the passage of the Michelin Bill, which effectively blocked rubber workers from organizing, Canadian Labour Congress President McDermott called for a boycott of Michelin products. Three reasons for this action are cited: 1) Michelin has spearheaded an attack on the Nova Scotia trade union movement; 2) Michelin's actions represent a threat to all trade unionists and 3) the trade union movement cannot sit idle while mocked by big business.

One article outlines how the Federations of Labour in each of the four Atlantic provinces have reconfirmed a boycott of all non-union Sobey stores. The company was originally boycotted for refusing to bargain a first contract at their Dalhousie, N.B. store and for interrupting efforts to organize at Newcastle (N.B.). The Company's response to the boycott has been to shut down the Dalhousie store completely.

In an article on the minimum wage, the Worker sarcastically notes that, after six months notice, the provincial minimum wage will rise from $3 to $3.30 per hour (which still is the lowest in Canada).

Bank organizing in Nova Scotia is another area workers have experienced employer reaction and pressure against organizing actively. The Canada Labour Relations Board for Unfair Labour Practices has had to rule against banks on many occasions including "bad faith" bargaining with employees. Tellers average $10 000-$11 000 per year with moderate benefits for facing the public daily and coming under pressure to consistently balance the ledger.

An organizer interviewed by the Worker states that bank organizing would proceed more quickly if more support were forthcoming from the entire trade union movement.

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