Indigenous People, the First Victims of Brazil's New Far-Right Government

Osava, Mario
Date Written:  2019-01-10
Publisher:  Inter Press Service
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23244

Anti-Indigenous sentiment in Brazil is emboldened by Bolsonaro's regime. This is leading to greater efforts by the government and agribusiness to seize Indigenous Lands.



Transferring the responsibility of identifying and demarcating indigenous reservations from the National Indigenous Foundation (Funai) to the Ministry of Agriculture will hinder the demarcation of new areas and endanger existing ones.
There will be a review of the demarcations of Indigenous Lands carried out over the past 10 years, announced Luiz Nabhan García, the ministry's new secretary of land affairs, who is now responsible for the issue.
García is the leader of the Democratic Ruralist Union, a collective of landowners, especially cattle ranchers, involved in frequent and violent conflicts over land.
Bolsonaro himself has already announced the intention to review Raposa Serra do Sol, an Indigenous Land legalised in 2005, amid legal battles brought to an end by a 2009 Supreme Court ruling, which recognised the validity of the demarcation.

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