The "Gilets Jaunes" Seen From My Workplace

Publisher:  Insurgent Notes
Date Written:  16/12/2018
Year Published:  2018  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23238

Due to the insular and ambiguous nature of social media, the Yellow Vests movement may spark political unrest but probably won't lead to real social revolution.



I do not think that I am supporting conspiracy theories when I observe the influence of the content of the social networks on the mentality, the political conceptions of the "people," these new and admirable social protagonists supported by all political tendencies, from the French far left to the far right, not to speak of the dominant media (tv, radios, newspapers) which all support the "gilets jaunes." Anyone born in the 1950s (which is my case) can only note the difference with "our times" where political discussions and engagements depended on direct personal and human ties with the trade unionists in our company, high school or university, with the cp or Socialist Party militants who lived in our neighborhood, with those who sold the cp weekly on our local market, and so on.
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