Indonesia: 41 dead, 546 assaulted, 51 shot in agrarian conflicts under Jokowi’s watch

CNN Indonesia
Date Written:  2019-01-04
Publisher:  Europe Solidiare Sans Frontières
Year Published:  2019
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23216

An explosion of agrarian conflicts between 2014 and 2018 has resulted in many casualties including 41 people killed, 546 people assaulted and 51 people shot since President Joko Widodo came to office.



"In accumulative terms, since the Jokowi [President Joko Widodo] leadership [came into office in 2014] around 41 people have been killed in agrarian conflicts in various regions, 546 have been assaulted", said Kartika in the report as quoted by CNN Indonesia on Friday January 4.

The KPA also noted that these conflicts resulted in 51 people being shot and around 940 farmers and activists being criminalised. The report also cited alleged violence by the police, private security services and the military.

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