The Troubling Link Between Attacks on Immigrants and Repression of Labor

Blain, Harry
Date Written:  2018-12-15
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23179

A look at the targeting of immigrants and its connection to attacks on labour movements, and how it leads to disturbing increases in violations of civil liberties.



The Republican pre-election strategy of exploiting "the caravan" was irredeemably ugly.

It's hard to say what was worse: the shameless and farcical framing of a helpless stream of people as a national security threat, or the president's off-hand suggestion that these people might actually be funded by the prime villain of most anti-Semitic conspiracy theories: George Soros.

Few commentators have failed to point out the obvious effects of this gutter-politics playbook: the debasement of public discourse on immigration policy; the wink-and-nudge of encouragement offered to the most sinister fringes of the American far-right; or the aggravation of racial animosity against people of color in the United States.

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