Alberta has only itself to blame for bitumen problems

Climenhaga, David J.
Date Written:  2018-11-25
Publisher:  Rabble
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23105

The article explains why Alberta has primarily itself to blame for the low price of its bitumen, a situation built on years of mismanagement in government and poor industry advice.



We had a big demonstration in Calgary Thursday outside a meeting where Trudeau was speaking. People who got paid time off from work carried nicely printed signs. That was a good thing, though, because the badly printed signs were either in the hands of pissed-off postal union members who were yelling at the PM about something else, and weren't getting paid for it, or of people who thought it was cool to attack the prime minister's 70-year-old mother.

Never mind that during those 10 years Alberta Conservatives were running the country, not a mile -- pardon moi, not a single kilometre -- of pipeline to tidewater got built.

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