A Marxist History of Capitalism (Book Review)

Angus, Ian

Publisher:  Climate and Capitalism
Date Written:  16/10/2018
Year Published:  2018  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX23061

A book review of Henry Heller's "A Marxist History of Capitalism" which restores class struggle to a central place in explaining how capitalism arose and grew, and can eventually be overcome.



The result is a rigorous but accessible account of five hundred years of capitalism, from merchant capitalism through industrialization and capitalism's golden age to monopoly capitalism, neoliberalism and the possibility of revolutionary change in our time. Capitalism, he argues, has now "hit a brick wall," and "a sense of overall crisis is manifest in the growing ecological contradictions of the system but also in its political dysfunction and its increasing illegitimacy in the eyes of the populace."
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