On International Women's Day

Lenin, V.I.

Publisher:  Marxists.org
Date Written:  04/03/1920
Year Published:  1920  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22870

Written by Lenin in Pravda, March 4, 1920.



Capitalism combines formal equality with economic and, consequently, social inequality. This is one of the principal distinguishing features of capitalism, one that is mendaciously screened by the supporters of the bourgeoisie, the liberals, and that is not understood by the petty-bourgeois democrats. Out of this distinguishing feature of capitalism, by the way, the necessity arises, while fighting resolutely for economic equality, openly to recognise capitalist inequality and, under certain conditions, even to include this open recognition of inequality as a basis for the proletarian state organisation (the Soviet Constitution).

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