Medical Reform - Volume 14 Issue 5
December 1994

Publisher:  Medical Reform Group of Ontario
Date Written:  01/12/1994
Year Published:  1994  
Pages:  28pp  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX22706


Table of Content:

Support for Nurse Practitioners as Members of Health Care Team
Clawback Magnifies Fee-For-Service Distortions
Can We Define "Medical Necessity"? Do We Want To?
Quicker Care is Better Care by Gordon Guyatt, Murray Enkin
Eight Alberta Horror Stories
The Alberta Experiment by Kathleen Connors
The MRG and Health Care Reform in the United States by Gordon Guyatt
California Dreaming: A Fall Reflection from an American Health Care Reformer by Clifford Rosen
Galloping Toward Oligopoly: Giant H.M.O. or Giant H.M.O. 'B'? by Steffie Woolhandler, David Himmelstein
Forum on Primary Health Reform
Completely Healthy, Utterly Unattainable? by Simon Dyson
Cold Hearts and Coronaries by Sonja Hunt
Leave Well-Being Alone by David Seedhouse
General Meeting Tackles "Medical Necessity" by Ulli Diemer
News Briefs by Ulli Diemer

Editorial Board: Gord Guyatt, Ulli Diemer

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