Medical Reform - Volume 10 Issue 3
September 1990


Publisher:  Medical Reform Group of Ontario
Date Written:  01/09/1990
Year Published:  1990  
Pages:  20pp  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX22686


Table of Content:

Medical Reform Group Press Release Regarding Provincial Elections
Questionnaire Responses from Progressive Conservative and New Democratic Parties
Primary Care
Steering Committee Report August 1900
MRGers Meet With Ontario Medical Association Representatives
Speaking Up for the OMA by Bob Frankford
The OMA and the MRG by Fred Freedman
MRG's Relationship to OMA by Barbara Lent
Letter on Administrative Fees
What the American Medical Press is Saying: Recent News from the NEJM by Gord Guyatt
Cross-Cultural Caring: A Handbook for Health Professionals in Western Canada by Sue Inwood
Letter on Community Care by Eugene Vayda
The Medical Reform Group of Ontario Searches for Purpose by Lynne Cohen
Letter to CMA Journal: Our Principles are Still a Beacon
Life After Extrabilling: A Brief Comment by Haresh Kirpalani

Editorial Board: Haresh Kirpalani, Don Woodside, Cathy Crowe, Bob Frankford, Ulli Diemer

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