Though Invisible to Us, Our Dead Are Not Absent

Curtin, Edward
Date Written:  2018-05-03
Publisher:  Dissident Voice
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22640

A reminder that the world is a beautiful place, and we must save it by listening to the voices of those who have passed, who instilled us with life, love and the spirit of resistance.



Now it is spring again. Yesterday as I drove to work through the gentle New England spring rain, I noticed how fast the grass was turning green and how in a few days the weather will turn quite warm and the flowers and foliage will explode with joy. "Explode," yes. That word dragged my thoughts across the world. And I thought of all the bombs and missiles exploding throughout the Middle East and the guns of the killers exploding everywhere, extinguishing the possibility for joy for so many. And the nuclear ones hiding in their silos and those treacherously sliding silently under the world’s oceans in Trident submarines, primed to kill us all. And the indifference of so many people to this carnage, initiated and sustained by our own government. Or was it indifference or something else? It seemed to me as I wondered in the rolling silence of the car that it was that and yet wasn’t just that. There was a missing link that I couldn’t fully understand, and still don’t. Was it fear?
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