No Spirit Of Liberty - The Salisbury Case, Corbyn And The Need For Dissent

Publisher:  Media Lens
Date Written:  21/03/2018
Year Published:  2018  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22459

A look at recent 'Mainstream' media coverage, notably the Guardian and BBC, which has been instrumental in presenting a misleading image of Prime Minsiter May as a stable leader, and yet presents Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a much less flattering light.



The portrayal of Corbyn as some kind of Putin stooge was continued on BBC Newsnight on March 15. Reporter David Grossman posed the leading question, 'Does Labour have a Russia problem?'. The Labour leader was then depicted in a huge studio backdrop using an image that seemed to be deliberately manipulated to make him look embedded in the Kremlin. Even Corbyn's cap appeared to have been altered to look like a Russian fur hat.

A post on our Facebook page noting this BBC propaganda went viral, with around 650,000 hits at the time of writing (most of our posts achieve hits in the low thousands). This was a strong indicator of public awareness and outrage at the BBC's biased portrayal of Corbyn; and a sign of the power of social media in challenging 'MSM' distortions.

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