Argentine Newspapers Recuperated by Workers' Cooperatives

de Assis, Carolina
Date Written:  2018-04-10
Publisher:  Socialist Project
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22170

An economic recession in Argentina that culminated in intense protests and the resignation of then-president Fernando de la Rua, also fostered the phenomenon of companies being recuperated by its workers as a cooperatives. In the last two years the majority of companies recuperated have been media outlets, which opens up new possibilities for journalism in the country.


Excerpt: A

lthough they emerged from dramatic situations, the cooperatives of journalists dedicated to recuperating media open new paths for professionals and journalism, Borelli believes. According to him, the experience of Tiempo Argentino has been very interesting and innovative, both for journalists and for the media landscape in Argentina. "Somehow, Tiempo managed to prove that it was possible to make a media cooperative sustained by readers," he said.

For Borelli, the experience of Tiempo "opens expectations at a time when many jobs are being lost and where information is limited by what the interests of the owners are. As it is a moment of crisis, it can also be a very interesting moment to explore other ways of doing journalism."

Central to the new Tiempo, according to him, is the intention that "the values of journalism are again to inform society, put together coverage in which the need for human rights, in the eyes of the population and not necessarily the interests of the owners of the media, is central."

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