Oil and Water

Brown, Alleen; Parrish, Will; Speri, Alice
Date Written:  2017-05-27
Publisher:  The intercept
Year Published:  2017
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22167

A collection of articles charting how leaked documents and public records reveal a troubling fusion of private security, public law enforcement, and corporate money in the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline.



Oil and Water


Part 1
Leaked Documents Reveal Counterterrorism Tactics Used at Standing Rock to "Defeat Pipeline Insurgencies"
Alleen Brown, Will Parrish, Alice Speri
May 27 2017

Part 2
Standing Rock Documents Expose Inner Workings of "Surveillance-Industrial Complex"
June 3 2017

Part 3
As Standing Rock Camps Cleared Out, TigerSwan Expanded Surveillance to Array of Progressive Causes
June 21 2017

Part 4
Dakota Access-Style Policing Moves to Pennsylvania's Mariner East 2 Pipeline
June 21 2017

Part 5
TigerSwan Faces Lawsuit Over Unlicensed Security Operations in North Dakota
June 28 2017

Part 6
TigerSwan Responded to Pipeline Vandalism by Launching Multistate Dragnet
August 26 2017

Part 7
Police Used Private Security Aircraft for Surveillance in Standing Rock No-Fly Zone
September 29 2017

Part 8
Law Enforcement Descended On Standing Rock A Year Ago And Changed the DAPL Fight Forever
November 15 2017

Part 9
Dakota Access Pipeline Company Paid Mercenaries to Build Conspiracy Lawsuit Against Environmentalists
November 15 2017

Part 10
An Activist Stands Accused of Firing a Gun at Standing Rock. It Belonged to Her Lover — an FBI Informant.

Part 11
A Native American Activist Followed Her Mother's Footsteps to Standing Rock. Now She Faces Years in Prison.
December 11 2017

Part 12
From North Dakota to Puerto Rico, Controversial Security Firm Profits From Oil Protests and Climate Disasters
January 30 2018

Part 13
A TigerSwan Employee Quietly Registered a New Business in Louisiana After the State Denied the Security Firm a License to Operate
March 12 2018

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