Bernie Sanders and the New Class Politics

Zamora, Daniel
Date Written:  2016-08-08
Publisher:  Jacobin
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22142

An interview with Adolph Reed, a political scientist and Bernie Sanders supporter, who dicsusses assumptions about black voters, the legacy of the Sanders campaign, and the tasks ahead.



The issue of "the black vote" and the Sanders campaign is more complex than what is implied by the construct; there are many black voters whose preferences, concerns, motives, ideological leanings, and institutional connections vary. I know we'll discuss this later, but the going formulations of the apparent anomaly that Sanders didn’t win a higher percentage of black voters are themselves misguided.

Apart from those critics, other neoliberal Democrats and the commentariat have painted the campaign as quixotic from the beginning and consistently tried to trivialize Sanders and his base. That was only to be expected.

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