The anti-semitism paradox damaging Labour

Cook, Jonathan
Date Written:  2018-03-27
Publisher:  Jonathan Cook Blog
Year Published:  2018
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22139

A look at the damaging effect of anti-semitism for the political left, which is being exploited in a tactic to stifle class solidarity and subvert a genuinely progressive Labour leadership.



Because rightwingers now love Israel, even if they often aren't too keen on real-life Jews as neighbours or members of their organisations, no one seems too exercised about that kind of anti-semitism any longer, even as it rears its ugly head again across the United States and much of Europe. We are all too busy trying to work out when hating Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the settlements is really cover for hating Jews more generally.

But aside from these foolhardy priorities, there is a more insidious and unconscious danger in this obsession with leftwing anti-semitism. It is neatly illustrated by an anti-semitism test unveiled by the comedian David Schneider. On this occasion, he does not appear to be joking. It poses four questions that are supposed to determine whether you are a secret anti-semite and which get progressively more difficult for many leftwingers to answer unambiguously.

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