A Common Assault

Publisher:  United Way Task Force on Family Violence, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1981
Resource Type:  Slide Show
Cx Number:  CX2213

A Common Assault is a slide-tape programme produced by Peg Campbell for the United Way Task Force on Family Violence. Also distributed on videotape, the programme is divided into three parts: Crisis Intervention; Transition and Court. The 35-minute programme deals with wife-beating and outlines needing help.

The audio-visual programme and information brochure concerning wife-beating are available in seven languages other than English: Cantonese; French; Greek; Italian; Portuguese, Punjab and Vietnamese. This is significant as battering "can happen to women of all cultural and social backgrounds, ages and incomes".

"Women who are beaten need safety, support and information on their legal and financial rights." The brochure lists sources of help and/or information available in B.C. The list includes the police for emergency help, crisis lines, transition houses, family courts and other sources of help such as legal aid offices and women's centers.

The brochure also brings to light some of the concerns revolving around the issue. For example, it is noted that although the children themselves may not be beaten, wife-beating may nonetheless indirectly 'harm' the children. It is also noted that leaving a spouse because of beating is not considered by law to be an act of desertion.

The audio-visual programme and brochure A Common Assault suggest that there are multiple resources available 9at least in BC) to victims of wife-beating. The montage sates that the availability of these resources must be made known to women.
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