CNSP Review 1974-75; Canada in an International Context

Publisher:  Canadian News Synthesis Project, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1976
Pages:  30pp   Price:  $1.00   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22

An analysis of developments in Canadian society based on newspaper coverage.

The Canadian News Synthesis Project has been collecting, synthesizing and analysing newspaper coverage of major Canadian issues and media information on Latin America for three years.

The CNSP has produced a summary analysis of events and trends in Canada in 1974-75 seen in an international context. The report provides a background for understanding current developments in Canadian society including the federal guidelines on wage and price controls, major resource development projects and cutbacks in social services. The report predicts a deepening of the current economic crisis that affects not only Canada but also the world and suggests that the struggle between those who benefit from the present organization of the world economy and those who don't will continue and spread. Those who are seeking a better understanding of Canadian reality in order to bring about a more just society should find this publication a useful tool.

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