B.C. Gay Resources Guide

Publisher:  SEARCH - Society for Education, Action, Research in Homosexuality, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1980  
Pages:  16pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2196

Abstract:  SEARCH, the publisher of this guide, claims that it is the most comprehensive regional listing of gay resources in Canada. The guide contains over 100 such listings, many of which are accompanied by a brief description. Most BC gay action groups, support groups and publications are included. The listings are classified in numerous categories including medical, political, counseling, religious groups, social, sports and accommodation.

This issue of the guide makes an outreach appeal: "much of British Columbia's large gay population lives outside the major metropolitan centers. Chances are very good that wherever you are as a gay person in BC, you are far from isolated - though it may not seem so to you. Living in BC's small, remote communities can pose special problems for gay people; the risks of discovery stifle attempts to reach out to others for love and support. For such isolated individuals, the nurturing sense of community born through improved communication, organization and mutual self-reliance is absolutely essential. These are among the special concerns of SEARCH. We want all gay British Columbians to fell part of a larger like-minded community with their special concerns and interests at heart. To make this aim a reality, we need to have your help and information. Specifically, we need to hear from rural gays: where are you, what are you doing and what information can SEARCH pass on to you or supply to you".

Subject Headings

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