Gayblevision (Gay TV)

Publisher:  Gay TV c/o West End Cable 10,, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1981  
Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX2185

Abstract:  Gayblevision is a Vancouver T.V. program "for gay people by gay people". It aims to both "entertain and educate". Gayblevision was initiated in early 1980 and continues through the efforts of many volunteers. Each half-hour weekly program has five different directors who are responsible for making the different segments.

Gayblevision describes itself as an "open access organization and out air time is available to anyone qualified to direct a segment". The organization is very open to training people and to the developing and sharing of talents necessary to gay T.V. program. At the present time, there is near-equal representation of women and men within the organization.

Gayblevision is in the process of writing a constitution, job outlines and a production structure. Past segments of the program have included 1) a scene from a controversial play about the persecution of gays in Nazi Germany; 2) Gay Herstory: the life and times of Sappho of Lesbo - the roots of modern lesbian and how it prospered in ancient Greece and 3) a recap of Gayblevision's history featuring highlights of past shows.

Currently there is some conflict among those involved in the organization (and others in the gay community) as to what exactly should be the content and direction of Gayblevision programming.

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