Revolutionary Suicide

Newton, Huey P.
Publisher:  Penguin
Year Published:  2009  
Pages:  384 pp   ISBN:  9780143105329
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX21732

An illustrated memoir by founding Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton.


Publisher's description:

The searing, visionary memoir of founding Black Panther Huey P. Newton, in a dazzling graphic package

Eloquently tracing the birth of a revolutionary, Huey P. Newton's famous and oft-quoted autobiography is as much a manifesto as a portrait of the inner circle of America's Black Panther Party, which is recognizing its 50th anniversary in October 2016. From Newton's impoverished childhood on the streets of Oakland to his adolescence and struggles with the system, from his role in the Black Panthers to his solitary confinement in the Alameda County Jail, Revolutionary Suicide is smart, unrepentant, and thought-provoking in its portrayal of inspired radicalism.
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