Drawing from Action

Publisher:  Participatory Research Project, c/o International Council for Adult Educati, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1981  
Pages:  59pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2173

Abstract:  Drawing, as part of a learning process, can be a helpful tool to connect head and hand reflection and action. This booklet not only discuss the theory behind using drawing for "praxis", it also describes and critiques an example - an "Ah-ha" seminar put together by Gatt-Fly in Newfoundland. The author believes that by maximising people's participation in "research" that may have implications for their lives, one can also maximise the chance of useful action stemming from that research. In the Gatt-Fly example, people from the Fisherman's Union, the Mummers and Oxfam were exploring the interconnections of the global resource production and distribution system with the aid of Gatt-Fly facilitator. According to the author, the group began to take control of its own ignorance of their local situation. This admission freed the participants to take over the drawing and use it as a tool to reflect on Newfoundland fisheries' interconnections with global system. This reflection lead to some joint action and a new play for the Mummers, a touring theatre group.

This booklet deals with both the participatory elements of this seminar and the use of drawing to enhance those elements. It also includes a catalogue of was to use drawing as a tool for helping groups move to action.

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