Making Schools Matter
Good Teachers at Work

Repo, Satu
Date Written:  1998-01-01
Publisher:  James Lorimer & Company Ltd.
Year Published:  1998
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX21728

An anthology of articles and interviews relevant to combating racism and sexism in the classroom as well as tips for making history and social studies relevant and including social justice to the curriculum.


Publisher's description:

Making Schools Matter is an anthology of articles and interviews about classroom issues of continuing importance in education today.

The contributors to this anthology are drawn from across Canada as well as abroad. They offer practical advice on how to develop anti-racism and anti-sexism programs; to interest students in science; make history and social studies relevant; create a curriculum that's dedicated to social justice. Watching these good teachers at work, we too can learn to engage students in their subjects, stretch them as individuals, and help them to think as part of a larger community.

Teachers who care about the role schools play in creating thoughtful, well-rounded individuals in a democratic society will find Making Schools Matter a rich source of ideas.


Introduction (Satu Repo)

Part I - A Canadian Curriculum

Chapter 1
Curriculum and Teaching in Canada: The Missing Centre - Robin Matthews

Chapter 2
Nationalism, Citizenship and Curriculum - Ken Osborne

Chapter 3
After 1492-1992: A Post-Colonial Supplement for the Canadian Curriculum - John Willinsky

Part II - Teaching for Social Justice

Chapter 4
Teaching for Social Justice - Bob Peterson

Chapter 5
Getting Off the Track: Stories from an Untracked Classroom - Bill Bigelow

Chapter 6
Reaching Streamed Students - Bob Davis

Chapter 7
The Gulf Between: a School and a War - Chris Searle

Part III - Issues of Equity: Gender, Race and Culture

Chapter 8
Retreat for the Future: An Anti-Sexist Workshop for High Schoolers - Myra Novogrodsky, Michael Kaufman, Dick Holland and Margaret Wells

Chapter 9
Teaching Mi'Kmaq: Living a Language in School - Marie Battiste interviewed by George Martell with an introduction by Anne Manicom

Chapter 10
Black History Month: A Multicultural Myth or "Have-Black-History-Month-Kit-Will-Travel" - Althea Prince

Chapter 11
Keeping Watch over Our Children: The Role of African Canadian Parents on the Education Team - Keren Brathwaite

Part IV - Science Teaching: On Having Wonderful Ideas

Chapter 12
Bears and Collective Learning - Elaine MacIntosh interviewed by George Martell

Chapter 13
Twenty-four, Forty-two, and I Love You: Keeping It Complex - Eleanor Duckworth

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