The Murder of Kevin Cooper

Cooper, Kevin

Publisher:  Against the Current
Date Written:  01/09/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21633

I, Kevin Cooper, have been on death row in the state on California for 32 years, going on 33. I came to this place in May of 1985, and I have been fighting for my life ever since.



This modern day plantation that I am forced to live in is a very dirty and inhumane place for any human being. On February 9, 2004 I came within three hours and 42 minutes of being strapped down to the state's death gurney, tortured with lethal poison, and murdered by the volunteer executioners who are prison guards working for the state.

While I received a stay of execution from that madness, I went on to suffer from post-traumatic stress for years, just because I survived that sick ritual of death that this prison put me through. No human being should ever have to endure what I have, not even if they are guilty of the crime they were convicted of committing.

I, however, am innocent, and now my fate lies in the hands of Governor Brown. In this fight for my life from death row at San Quentin prison, I have asked any and every person who has read anything about my plight to look at my case with an open mind.
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