No, US Didn't 'Stand By' Indonesian Genocide - It Actively Participated

Naureckas, Jim

Publisher:  FAIR
Date Written:  18/10/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21516

Within the coverage of the newly declassified telegram that proves the US actively participated in the Indonesian genocide the media frames Washington as a passive onlooker rather than active participant. This not only lessens the government's culpability; it also tells readers that if the US is to be faulted, it's to be blamed for not doing enough. That's a handy attitude to cultivate for the next time you want to sell a "humanitarian" war.



"Events of the past few days have put PKI and pro-Communist elements very much on defensive and they may embolden army at long last to act effectively against Communists," the US embassy in Jakarta told the State Department in a now-declassified telegram (10/5/65). While advising the US to "avoid overt involvement as power struggle unfolds," US Ambassador Marshall Green urged the government to "covertly, however, indicate clearly to key people in army such as Nasution and Suharto our desire to be of assistance where we can, while at same time conveying to them our assumption that we should avoid appearance of involvement or interference in any way."

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