The left wing opposition in Italy during the period of the Resistance

Peregalli, Arturo

Date Written:  20/09/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21495

An account of the groups to the left of the PCI, during WW2 by independent Marxist historical researcher Arturo Peregalli. It was first published in 'Revolutionary History, Vol.5, No.4', and translated by Barbara Rossi and Doris Bornstein.



On 10 June 1943 the Allied army landed in Sicily. This provoked a crisis in Italy, which was to bring Fascism to an ignominious end on 25 July. The task of the new monarchist government, headed by General Badoglio, was to guarantee bourgeois rule during an unstable period, and Badoglio intended to draw into this process the anti-Fascist parties, which at this juncture were reorganising themselves under conditions of semi-legality. He hoped to control the working class, which was showing signs of recovery, by appointing to the leadership of the ex-Fascist trade unions some prominent Communists, Socialists and Christian Democrats, who did their best to pacify the workers, especially during the strikes which erupted in August 1943.
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