The Cruise Missile Conversion Project
Organization profile published 1981

Publisher:  The Cruise Missile Conversion Project, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1981
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2149

The Cruise Missile Conversion Project describes itself as a "small group of women and men who are committed to unmasking and actively resisting Canadian brand militarism". The group's energy is primarily directed to stopping the production of the navigational brain for the Cruise Missile; this navigational system is manufactured in Rexdale, Ontario by Litton System Canada (America owned). The Cruise is a highly accurate, first strike counter-force weapon which can neither be detected, screened or intercepted once launched. The US plans to deploy cruise missiles throughout Western Europe.

A 1.2 billion dollar contract is behind the production of the navigational brain in Canada; within the next five year as many as 5,500 such systems could be built in the Toronto area.

In 1980 the Cruise Missile Conversion Project has publicly protested the Litton contract. Marches and demonstration were organised at the plant on Good Friday and on August 6, the Hiroshima Anniversary. The group also leafleted the Litton workers for several months.

The group is presently consolidating itself to further develop its views and action. The members are striving to make their group process consistent with their struggle against militarism. To this end they are committed to feminism and to resisting patriarchy. They are also working to develop a collective process in which decision-making will be equally shared and in which there will be mutual accountability, in terms of responsibilities and tasks. Within the collective co-committees and doing research, networking, fundraising, leafleting, communication work with Litton workers and planning for public, events.

This group, in connection with other Toronto groups, is currently in their process of planning a week of events around Litton and militarism from April 13 - 18, 1981. The group sees itself a core group which holds a long-term commitment to the work of disarmament and the re-creation that implies.

This organization no longer exists.
This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1981.

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