Making A Killing

Publisher:  Christian Movement for Peace, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1980
Resource Type:  Slide Show
Cx Number:  CX2129

A slide-tape program dealing with Canada's role in the global arms industry.

This slide-tape program deals with Canada's role in the global arms industry. The show is divided into three parts:

(a) A short history. This section outlines how Canada manufactured war material for the Second World War and sold it to the British who paid in Pound Sterling. Because Canada had bought production hardware and raw materials from the U.S. and had to pay in American dollars; Canada was forced to sell more and more raw materials to U.S. in order to earn American dollars. In 1941 the Hyde Park Agreement was struck in which Canada agreed to specialize and produce only parts for the major U.S. weapon systems. This formed the basis for Canada's relationship with the U.S. in the arms industry.

(b) Canada and the U.S.A. This section outlines Canada's ongoing role as a manufacturer of small armaments for the American military. In order to keep the armaments industry alive, following the 'Vietnam bonanza', Canada had to agree to purchase more military hardware from the U.S. in exchange for sales of small armaments (produced by Canadian firms that were specializing in such products). 1975 saw the beginning of a major re-armament programme for the Canadian Armed Forces. In this light, issues such as the Trident submarine and the Cruise Missile are examined.

(c) Canada and the Third World. This section demonstrates how Canadian manufacturers of military hardware with support, financial and otherwise, from Canadian Government have been developing markets in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

The show also examines some of the myths around military manufacturing including the job creation factor and the high technology spin-off. The show concludes by providing the viewer with a number of suggestions for action.

This montage contains a good deal of technical information; some viewers may need some preparation in order to appreciate its content.

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