Energy Probe Material

Publisher:  Energy Probe, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1980  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX2116

Abstract:  The following materials dealing with the energy issue are available through Energy Probe:

1) a quarterly newsletter monitoring developments related to the energy issue on a local, national and international level (write for more details).
2) "The Cost of Not Implementing Marginal Cost Pricing" - critique of the Principles of Electricity Pricing of Ontario Hydro ($2.50).
3) "Everything You Want To Know About Nuclear Power But Were Afraid To Ask" and "Reactor Safety" by Ralph Torrie (write for more details).
4) "What Keeps Us From Freezing In The Dark" by Norm Rubin ($1.50). This study, based on data from Statscan, claims that there has been a systematic distortion of information on the part of the federal and provincial levels of government. Contrary to government claims "nuclear power meets an insignificant 1.3% of Canada's total energy requirements - much less than wood presently does and, by the government's own reckoning, the gap between nuclear and wood will increase in future".
5) "The New Talking Atom" ($2.00 per record). This anti-cuclear record, performed by Stringband, has become an underground hit in the anti-nuclear movement. The flip side is Tom Raxiton's "Let The Sunshine Heat Up The Water".

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