The Monthly
Periodical profile published 1980

Publisher:  The Women's Health Education Network (WHEN), Truro, Canada
Year Published:  1980  
Pages:  8pp  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2094

Abstract:  The monthly is published by the Women's Health Education Network (WHEN), an umbrella organization of groups and individuals concerned about women's health issues in Nova Scotia. The aims of WHEN are to make information and resources on health-care available to women and families, and to act as an advocate for women's health concerns at the government level.

WHEN hosted its first conference in the spring of 1980. Some issues discussed included the inconsistent quality of sex education across the province, and funding problems with Nova Scotia's only battered women's home.

The May 1980 issue of The Monthly contains an interview with a spokesperson from the Prepared Childbirth Association of Nova Scotia. She calls for consumer representation on the planning board of the new Camp Hill Medical Complex in Halifax. She expresses concern that the hospital merger complex would denigrate the concept of childbirth as a healthy process; she also outlines actions that a coalition of women's groups is taking with respect to this issue.

This issue also contains excerpts from WHEN's brief to the Hall Commission. The brief indicates that the health care situation in Nova Scotia is unsatisfactory. Blocks to quality health care for women include lack of transportation and childcare and block funding which discourages local initiative and community level programs. The authors of the brief claim that these and other concerns have led to a growing movement among women toward self-help, community-based and preventive-oriented health care. The brief suggests that government agencies recognize and support this direction. WHEN's recommendations call for:

- training of health professionals in a non sex stereotyped framework.
- Increased allocation of funds to preventative health care education.
- Consumer involvement in health services planning.
- A general upgrading of health education, especially in the schools.
- Improved access to treatment and facilities.

The newsletter also contains regular sections entitled "Here's to Your Health", "This Page Is About Us" And Corner On Books".

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