Gig Economy or Odd Jobs: What May Seem Trendy to Privileged City Dwellers and Suburbanites is as Old as Poverty

Beeman, Angie

Publisher:  CounterPunch
Date Written:  22/05/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Unclassified
Cx Number:  CX20755

The rise of precarious employment is not a stimulus to "creativity" but a long-established way of explloiting the poor.



There is something infuriating about the name "gig economy," especially when I hear privileged parents chatting about their fascination with the subject. This fascination is usually coming from parents who have partners with steady incomes and can afford to partake in "gig" work if they so choose. They are also not reading the most critical analyses of this kind of work or the economy in general.
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