On the Bias

Publisher:  Development Education Centre Films, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1980
Resource Type:  Slide Show
Cx Number:  CX2074

The Development Education Centre Films group has developed a 30 minute slide/tape show called On the Bias. This show is due for release in July 1980; music in the montage is from the Toronto cabaret production, "Heaven will Protect the Working Girl."

The montage arises out of the present situation that an increasing number of women are working outside the home. On the Bias explores the meaning of this, touching on such issues as female job ghettoes, where women perform less-skilled, lower-paid and less responsible jobs than men. This is in addition to the work of cleaning, cooking, and laudry which 98 percent of these women do in the home.

The slide/tape show focuses on women in the clothing industry. Here, women play a major role in the making , selling and buying of clothes. Women in the garment industry, women's position in the retail sector, and the role of fashion and advertising in manipulating women's perceptions of themselves.. are also examined. The relationships between women's work in the home and their economic role as consumers are also part of the subject on On the Bias.

Recognizing that women have made important gains in the outside the workplace, On the Bias also brings to light the increases cutbacks in areas such as day care, social services, and health care. On the Bias emphasises the great need that still exists for women to organize themselves.

Subject Headings

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