Tenants' Bulletin
Periodical profile published 1979

Publisher:  Federation of Metro Tenants' Association, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1979  
Pages:  4pp  
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Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX2032

Abstract:  "SHAC forms to Support OHC Tenants" and "Tenants Challenge a Bad Law" are two articles that highlight this issue of Tenants' Bulletin. The first article speaks to the problem of the new proposals put forward by Metro Toronto's Department of Social Services. The proposals call for renovations and change so that up to 75 per cent of OHC buildings could be rented at market rents or sold to private interests. If carried out, these proposals mean that thousands of families presently occupying OHC buildings could be evicted. Many feel that the proposals are a direct attack on the poorest of Ontario residents. As a result of this, a group called the Social Housing Action Committee (SHAC) formed to counter attack these proposals. Representatives from various tenants' association, legal services, and city council members are meeting in an effort to plan strategies for this counter attack. Any persons interested in joining SHAC should contact the Federation of Metro Tenants' Association.

The second articles entitled "Tenants Challenge a Bad Law" concerns the Constitutional Reference of the new Residential Tenancies Act. This section of the Act now enables Commissioner broad discretion in their decision-making function, e.g. eviction of tenants, previously held only by judges. This new section of the Act has been challenged in order to prevent it from becoming law in Ontario. It is felt by the opposing group that the people's rights will be better attended to by the Courts.

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