Revolutionary Self-Theory: A Beginners' Manual


Publisher:  Theory and Practice
Date Written:  23/01/1975
Year Published:  1985   First Published:  1975
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20269

A booklet is for people who are dissatisfied with their lives.



Self-theory is a theory of adventure. It is as erotic and humorous as an authentic revolution.

The alienation felt as a result of having had your thinking done for you by the ideologies of our day, can lead to the search for the pleasurable negation of that alienation: thinking for yourself. It is the pleasure of making your mind your own.

Self-theory is the body of critical thought you construct for your own use. You construct it and use it when you make an analysis of why your life is the way it is, why the world is the way it is. (And 'thinking' and 'feeling' are inseparable, since thought comes from subjective, emotive experience.) You build your self-theory when you develop a theory of practice -- a theory of how to get what you desire for your life.

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