You are Smeared by Right-Wing Demagogues

Berlet, Chip

Publisher:  Progresssive Movements Commons
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20257

Was it Glenn Beck? Or was it David Horowitz, or Ann Coulter, or Daniel Pipes, or any foot soldier in the army of right-wing smear artists? First…Congratulations! You are smeared by right-wing demagogues. Now some practical suggestions...



If your board of directors has not authorized staff to issue an immediate initial response online and to reporters you have already lost half the battle. With the Internet and cable news programs the 24-hour "News Cycle," has been trimmed down to about 24 minutes. You or your group needs to put up a page online that refutes the false or malicious claims or the smears will become reality and get cited endlessly for all eternity in all forms known and unknown throughout the universe. If you do not have pre-approval, move as quickly as possible.

Don’t Mimic the Sewer Rhetoric of the Right

It makes you look cheap and tawdry to folks not already on your side. Sure it is tempting, but it is not constructive.

Respond calmly

But don't hesitate to hold people accountable. Political Research Associates suggests the Three R Rule:

Rebut, Rebuke, Reaffirm.
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