National Crusade for Literacy
Organization profile published 1980

Publisher:  Canada Action for Nicaragua (C.A.N), Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1980
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX2021

Canadian Action for Literacy in Nicaragua (C.A.N.) is a coalition of thirty organizations who have come together in answer to the desperate situation in Nicaragua. The coalition includes cultural, labor, student, Christian, political, ethnic and human rights groups, who, together with concerned individuals, have a number of aims. These are to pressure the Canadian government into sending aid, to keep Canadians informed about events in Nicaragua, and to raise funds for direct aid to the people of Nicaragua.

C.A.N, is asking Canadians to support Nicaragua's recently launched national literacy campaign. The goals of this campaign are:

- To eliminate illiteracy in Nicaragua, where 60 per cent of the adult population, i.e. 900,000 adults are illiterate.
- To provide people with dignity and the ability to participate in the democratic process.
- To lay the basis of a broader education system.
- To take the necessary first step in reconstruction. Literacy is the first priority in the process of social and economic development. Literacy is also seen as concomitant to the development of the democratic process.
- To overcome the destructive legacy left by the Smoza dictatorship such as high infant mortality and unemployment.

The YMCA of Metro Toronto, through the Canadian International Development Agency promises to match on a 3:1 basis, every dollar raised for the literacy crusade in Nicaragua. A brochure is available which describes the campaign, and proves more details for contributors.

This organization no longer exists.
This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1980.

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