The Communist Club

Scholey, Keith
Date Written:  2006-01-01
Publisher:  Theory and Practice
Year Published:  2006
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20183

History of the Communist Club in 19th century London, in particular detailing the involvement of Karl Marx.



As the name would imply the Association acted as an educational and social club for German workers, of which there were then many in the capital. In 1845-46 business meetings were held on a Sunday, political discussions (e.g. reading and commenting on contemporary political and philosophical literature) on a Tuesday night, with Saturdays reserved for cultural activities - such as song and dance - and classes in elementary education (e.g. English lessons). Lessner, speaking of the following year, adds: "The club had also evenings devoted to elocution. Everybody who was trained in reciting would recite poems of a serious or gay turn. My first recital consisted in the reading of a poem humorously describing an adventure that happened in Berlin in 1846."
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