We Are All Deplorables

Hedges, Chris
Date Written:  2016-11-21
Publisher:  Information Clearing House
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20142

Chris Hedges on American life, politics and religion.


My relatives in Maine are deplorables. I cannot write on their behalf. I can write in their defense. They live in towns and villages that have been ravaged by deindustrialization. The bank in Mechanic Falls, where my grandparents lived, is boarded up, along with nearly every downtown store. The paper mill closed decades ago. There is a strip club in the center of the town. The jobs, at least the good ones, are gone. Many of my relatives and their neighbors work up to 70 hours a week at three minimum-wage jobs, without benefits, to make perhaps $35,000 a year. Or they have no jobs. They cannot afford adequate health coverage under the scam of Obamacare.
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