President Trump: Big Liar Going to Washington or Tribune of the People?

McMurtry, John
Date Written:  2016-11-10
Publisher:  GlobalResearch
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20129

An examination of Donald Trump's challenges to precepts of globalism, interventionist foreign policy, and special interests, how they resonated with public sentiment, and the challenges and potential outcomes of their implementation.



An underlying revolution in thinking has occurred. Trump has tapped the deep chords of worker rage at dispossession by forced corporate globalization, criminally disastrous Middle East wars, and trillions of dollars of bailouts to Wall Street. He never connects the dots on stage. But by Clinton's advocacy of all of them, she has made them her own and will go down because of it.


Trump is no working-class hero. He has long been a predatory capitalist with all the furies of greed, egoism and self-promotion that the ruling system selects for. But he is not rich from foreign wars of aggression, or from exporting the costs of labor to foreign jurisdictions with subhuman standards. He has not been getting richer or more smug by seeking high office in a context of saturating slander and denunciation from official society. He has initiated a long overdue recognition of parasite capitalism eating out and wasting the life capacities of the US itself as well as the larger world.
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