Class is More Intersectional than Intersectionality
Date Written:  2016-11-11
Publisher:  Imperium ad Infinitum
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20122

The Left as it exists currently is often ashamed of and apologetic for its class struggle orientation, chasing after demographic-specific oppression issues. An approach that leans toward greater emphasis on a class struggle focus is actually more intersectional than a focus which gives more attention to demographic-specific issues than to class.



The main problem in the life of any doubly-oppressed group is usually, how am I going to eat? This is not speculation but backed up by polling data.

It's true that every day, for example, every Black person faces the possibility of police violence. It's also true, however, that every day, every Black person faces the definite obstacle of having to acquire money for food, rent, healthcare, and transit, etc. This can be extended in various ways by various analogies to women, the LGBT community, immigrants, and all oppressed groups.


If economic problems are the most pressing daily problems of doubly-oppressed groups, then it stands to reason that people who have been putting effort into economic demands, the labor movement, or the socialist movement have actually already objectively been implicitly members of the women's movement, the Black struggle, the LGBT movement, the immigrants struggle, and possibly others, regardless of whether they have even realized it or not, regardless of whether or not they have raised any demands explicit to those groups or even given those groups a thought. The connection is material rather than intentional.

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