The Big Split

Steppling, John
Date Written:  2016-11-10
Publisher:  CounterPunch
Year Published:  2016
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20098

The article depicts how despite Trump being likened to the perfect wrong play, wrong director and wrong cast as in Mel Brooks' The Producers, he has managed to claim victory. The author argues that this was more due to the Democratic party's failure than it was Trump's success.


Trump was the perfect wrong play, wrong director, wrong cast. And he won. Springtime for Hitler is a hit. But something happened during the last month of this election. I suspect Clinton had it won after the first debate. So, how and why did the DNC clutch defeat from the jaws of victory? The answer is more complex than one can fully evaluate and dissect this soon, but one clear element is that much of that corporate wealth that owns America turned, finally, on Clinton.


The media, now on the morning after, are still screaming about David Duke congratulating Trump, about a crisis. Nothing, NOTHING about maybe, just maybe, people feared a war with Russia, were tired of conflict, and maybe tired, too, of billions handed over to an apartheid state, Israel, while growing numbers of Americans live week to week, and can barely feed their children. Hillary was silent on Standing Rock, as Obama had been silent on so many things (police murder of unarmed black men for example).


The one thing I am surprised about, and perhaps I shouldn't be, is that the Clinton machine allowed it to happen. But then, in certain corners of the financial elite, trust was eroding in their favored candidate. But the Dems were arrogant, too. And inept. They ran a terrible campaign with one of the worst candidates ever to run for president. So, no, it wasn't sexism or racism, it was anger at the status quo. An inarticulate anger, but still anger. The big mistake of liberals was to think Trump was bringing fascism, without realizing fascism was already here.
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